VendSys is a Hosted Solution, with all of our services delivered via the Internet. We take care of storing and managing your data and ensuring that you have the latest software updates. In undertaking this function we provide the following services:

Software Versioning

VendSys software updates and upgrades are delivered to every customer remotely and at no cost.

24/7 Data Access

  • Your data is stored in a data center with multiple Internet provider connections, multiple power sources, battery backup to all server cabinets, and diesel generators to provide power during extended power outages
  • You can access to your data 24 hours a day /7 days a week from anywhere you have a PC connected to the internet – at home or in the office or from your laptop
  • There are no charges for access time or data volume

Secure Data Management

We log and save records of every one of your data update transactions and store the logs independent of the server that stores your data. Additionally, we store encrypted daily backups in an independent secure location. Your data has never been safer!

Free Phone Support

  • VendSys provides free phone support Monday – Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM ET
  • Out-of-hours the phone system will reach our support personnel’s cell phones.


  • Your status as a customer will not be revealed publicly unless you have agreed to it.
  • Your data will be held securely and not provided to any other person or entity without your express approval