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Micro Market Management

Energize the workplace and get new customers.

Help the companies you service fuel their employees’ days by providing delicious healthy meals that will help them stay productive.

More Integrations

With a whopping 12 Integrations, you can rest assured that VendSys will be able to connect to your current micro-market provider

Fast & Reliable Inventory Management

Your Micro Markets are one of the most popular areas of the businesses you service. That’s why you always need to know your stock levels. Our software gives you an accurate idea of what has been purchased and which items require replenishing.

Reliable & Secure

Our Micro Market Connectivity software is built from the ground up with reliability, speed and security in mind.

Always Connected

Always know what items need to be replenished

Real-time Updates

Get updates in real-time on sales, shrink, and inventory

Easy Setup

Connecting to your Micro Markets is easy and straight forward

Improve profits by efficiently providing companies with an easy way to energize their employees and improve workplace morale!

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